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Aged care: share your experience

A coalition of twenty-eight peak aged care organisations is asking Australians to share their experiences of our aged care system to show decision makers why reform of the sector is urgently needed.

The National Aged Care Alliance recently launched the Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign in response to the massive pressures on the system now which will exponentially increase as our population ages.

Ian Yates, Chief Executive of COTA Australia said members of the Alliance hear

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stories every day

from people struggling to make sense of the aged care system.

“Some people are baffled by the complexity and paper work involved to get simple aged care services.Others have been through numerous assessments and remain on long waiting lists for in-home support.

“Still others are treading the minefield of finding residential care at a time when they are making some very difficult and emotional decisions for their loved ones.

“NACA’s Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign gives the community a chance to have their voices heard. By sharing their often painful stories, we can show the human side of the need for reform.”

Ara Cresswell, CEO of Carers Australia said with Australia’s ageing population, the huge pressures on the aged care sector today would be greatly compounded.

“Predictions are that by 2050, nearly one-quarter of all Australians will be over 65,compared with 13 per cent today.

“That would mean a more than 350% increase on demand for aged care services over the next40 years. This will occur when the relative availability of family and other informal carers, the people who provide most of the care for older people, will be falling.

“While these statistics are alarming it is the experiences of real

people that are driving NACA to ensure reform is top of the Government’s agenda in 2012.

” Natalie Bradbury of the HSU urged older people, children with older parents, or those working in the aged care sector to share their stories online.

“It’s really important our decision makers in Canberra are exposed to the difficulties people face every day as they try and navigate through the aged care system.

age is so critical to us all.

” People can sign up to the campaign and share their stories by visiting


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