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COTA Consulting is a business unit of COTA(WA) Inc. providing professional consultancy services to organisations working primarily in the Seniors sector.

COTA Consulting offers a range of training and development services based upon a deep understanding of the sector rarely found in consultancies that have grown primarily out of the commercial sector.

COTA Consulting is supported by a national consulting group with offices in each state and territory. This allows us to compete and consult at both state and national level.

Our services can be customised to meet your specific needs and available budget. They include:

  • Group Facilitation – Getting the best out of your workshops & meetings.
  • Research – Specialising in Seniors issues both State and Nationally based research is available.
  • Working With Seniors Anti-ageism Workshops and Customer Service Training.

For further information on our consultancy services contact us on 08 9321 2133 or email us on

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