Board of Directors
President Judy Hogben
Vice-President Bettine Heathcote AM
Executive Members Gerri Clay
Chair of Finance Committee Ronald Regan
Directors Hon R Kucera APM JP
Marie Maloney
  Helen Moorhead
Rasa Subramaniam
  Shelley Whitaker
Co-opted Director Luke Garswood
Bob Raisbeck
Jacquie Thompson
Chief Executive Officer Mark Teale


Chief Executive Mark Teale
Active Ageing Manager Phil Airey
Finance and Administration Officer Flyura Pak
Policy Officer Chris Jeffery
Project Officer Jane Newsome
Project Officer Marlene Robins
Policy Project Officer Jennette Ward
Policy Project Officer Megan Ellis


Administration Volunteers: Alison Cholajda
Edith Pedersen
Jill Carney
Erin Borgfeldt
Eva Lau
Gerry O’Rourke
Judy Willson
Kaye Douglas
Valerie Chua
Teresa Martelli
Active Ageing Support Daphne Daley
Policy and Board Support : Megan Ellis
Peer Educators: Agnelo D’Souza
Roberta Gripton
Maureen Holmes
Bheena Sewnarain
Bob Ziegler
Website Support Alex Pittendreigh
Computer Teachers: Bevan Sharp
John Peffer
John Stephens
Liz Stafford
Roger Vella Bonavita
Alvin Yu
Project Volunteers: Too many to list individually, COTA WA is privileged to have the assistance of a large group of people who have assisted with projects and events including the Seniors’ SmartRider rollout and the International Federation on Ageing Conference held in Perth in 2002.
Lifetime Members
Bettine Heathcote AM
Beryl Allen

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