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Aged Care Reforms

Notes from February 2011 Policy Briefing

  • Caring for Older Australians: COTA’s Response to the Draft Recommendations- Jo Root, COTA Australia National Policy Officer
  • Issues for Western Australian Seniors– Bettine Heathcote, COTA WA Policy Committee

COTA National Policy Alert #1– Commonwealth Aged Care Reform and COTA’s response

COTA National Policy Alert #7 – Government Response to the final report of the Advisory Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians

Submission to the Education and Health Standing Committee– A review of WA’s current and future Hospital and Community Health Care Services.

COTA Australia_Factsheet 1: Residential and Community Aged Care

COTA Australia_Factsheet 2: Paying for Aged Care

COTA Australia_Factsheet 3: The Reforms at a Glance

COTA Australia_Factsheet 4: Health and other Initiatives


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