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24th Jun

COTA Australia response to federal budget 2015


Read COTA Australia’s response to the 2015 federal budget in the policy alert here

28th Jan

How do you feel about your medicines?


University of Sydney Research Study

An individual’s medicine use will change with time and involve starting as well as stopping medicines. We are interested in how older people feel about their medicines and having changes made to their medicines. We

17th Dec

Identity Blues?


Having problems using the new Department of Transport Identity Card with Australia Post, Landgate or anywhere else? This card was designed to help people who do not have a Driving Licence, Passport or other photo ID documents. Anyone who finds …

19th May

Financial Advice Reprieve


COTA Australia welcomes the recent Senate decision on the Future of the Financial Advice. Read more here:cota-mr_fofa-in-the-senate-191114

16th Jul

A national website on Advance Care Planning (ACP) in the midst


Priority Area: Advance Care Planning

Objective: To improve the promotion and uptake of advance care plans for people with dementia in primary care and community care settings

Project Title: A consumer-focused national website on advance care planning and its promotion …