Conversations about Dying 21st November 2013

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The forum was held at the State library on thursday 21st November 2013 and was a great success with a considerable turnout.

Click here to look at the notes from the forum.

The topics that were addressed include: The Environment of Caring and Dying; Palliative Care; Ethics; Legal Issues


Keynote Address by Winthrop Prof Carmen Lawrence.
“Death is the single universal event that affects all.  We attach meanings to death which have important implications for our well-being as well as the decisions we make about our daily lives.”

Conceptualising the environment of caring and dying Dr Sarah McGann – Curtin University

Palliative Care – everyone’s business Amanda Bolleter – Palliative Care WA

A Conversation For All – the Importance of Succession Planning Susan Fielding

I am important too! Lesley Oliver – Carers WA

Assisting Another to Die: Ethical Arguing and Legal Line-Drawing A/Prof Meredith Blake – UWA

Stories of Survivors: Sudden Death (Joanna Delaney); Ambiguous Loss (Lyneve Cannon); Suicide (Lifeline Ambassador); Terminal Illness (Bettine Heathcote)



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