Lifestyle Issues in Retirement Seminars

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Planning for retirement is a big issue for seniors still in the workforce. COTA (WA) offers, on a fee for service basis, our retirement lifestyle planning seminars for employers with employees approaching retirement. Each seminar is tailored to meet the needs of your employees, but a typical half-day session covers:

1. The “3 R’s of Retirement Planning – is it an outdated concept? Relationships – the key to successful ageing Reality – let’s get real about the future.

2.Seniors and Housing Housing options for seniors – are retirement villages the only way? Sea change, tree change or no change? Meeting your future housing needs – universal design principles and adaptable housing

3.Active Ageing – what’s age got to do with it? What is Active Ageing? Volunteering and other opportunities Keeping mind and body togetherLifelong Learning

4.Retirees panel – a panel of retirees of various ages briefly present their experience of retirement and identify issues for consideration and discussion. A facilitated question and answer session follows.

5.Living Longer, Living Stronger – an overview of COTA (WA)’s progressive strength training program in which 6000 seniors participate weekly in 70 fitness centres state wide.

Retirement Issues Talks
COTA (WA) offers talks to groups of pre-retirees.

Contact Mark Teale on 08 9472 0104 or for further information and bookings.

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