Priority Area: Advance Care Planning

Objective: To improve the promotion and uptake of advance care plans for people with dementia in primary care and community care settings

Project Title: A consumer-focused national website on advance care planning and its promotion through a social marketing campaign

What will the project achieve? This project will develop a national website on Advance Care Planning (ACP) with information relevant to all States and Territories that will allow users to communicate with, and get further information from, Alzheimer’s Australia Helpline and counselling staff. The web-based resource will be hosted on the Alzheimer’s Australia website.

How will this be achieved? The project will be driven by a national consortium of eminent people in the fields of dementia and ACP to develop a national website and to promote this through a

broadly based social marketing campaign. The project will be undertaken in partnership with Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, who will facilitate discussions within Alzheimer’s Australia to integrate the website and resources into the overall programs and web infrastructure of Alzheimer’s Australia nationally.

Specifically, the project will:

  1. Develop a consumer-focused model of advance care planning to provide the foundation for the website
  2. Develop resources for consumers to help them work through the process of ACP
  3. Include in the model the need for support from a range of health, community and legal professionals and provision of information for such professionals to assist community members in this supportive role
  1. Develop and implement a social marketing campaign that will enlist a number of key State and National organisations as campaign supporters to promote a set of core messages about ACP and the website.

To what extent will the project be conducted across Australia?The project will have a national focus and this will be reflected in several ways.

  1. there will be people from all States on the consortium, and each State liaison person will coordinate a State-based Reference Group

of consumers and professionals with expertise in ACP;

  1. there will be direct consultations with consumers and professionals in each State and Territory;
  2. the website and related resources will have content and links relevant to each State and Territory;
  3. the campaign approach will seek to gain support from a range of national organisations so that dissemination of the website and associated key messages can be as wide as possible.