Shiela and Mary with their Living Longer Living Stronger Instructor, Jodie Moore, at Aqua Jetty Rockingham.

Stockland Retirement Living are now Bronze Sponsors of the Council on the Ageing (WA)’s Active Ageing programs –designed to increase the independence and wellbeing of Seniors in their communities of choice. Stockland creates quality environments for Seniors such as Affinity Village in Baldivis for premium retirement living.

Affinity Village is built with the longevity of residents in mind – with excellent access and facilities so residents can age in place comfortably and in style. Stockland Retirement Living understands how COTA’s Active Ageing programs empower Seniors to live with independence and dignity in their communities of choice, and are proud to support these initiatives.

We recently visited Aqua Jetty Rockingham, who are the local Providers of Living Longer Living Stronger to Affinity Village, to find out what it was all about.  Aqua Jetty were Finalists in COTA’s 2015 Active Ageing Awards for Most Outstanding Metropolitan Provider of Living Longer Living Stronger.  We spoke with Lead Instructor Jodie Moore, who was also a 2015 Finalist for Most Outstanding Metropolitan Instructor.

Jodie has built up a loyal following of Seniors for their regular sessions in the beautiful surroundings of Aqua Jetty Rockingham.  Her nomination came from many sources – colleagues, participants and even work experience students praised her expertise, commitment and energetic attitude.

When asked about what makes Living Longer Living Stronger such a success, and why Seniors keep coming back, Jodie explained : “It’s because it is not just about health and fitness – it is a social event. While our Seniors are increasing their fitness, balance and strength, they enjoy it in a group setting where they all feel they belong.”

She takes special care to introduce everyone in class, and even tests their knowledge of everyone’s names in the class to ensure everyone feels welcome and valued. She has recently introduced brain training in the form of memory, concentration and co-ordination games that keep her participants engaged and happy.  Aqua Jetty are able to offer aqua, fitball and chi ball classes alongside the core progressive strength training.  Other variations have included doing the hokey-pokey, limbo and other dances with their own music in circuit class – greatly appreciated by all involved!

Participants have formed lifelong friendships, even going on cruises together and most recently on the Ghan train journey.

“It’s all about fun!” she exclaimed.

Paul Paul Wells (70) has mastered balance with Living Longer Living Stronger!

There is also a serious side – she reports that the greatest gains she has seen have been to Participant’s balance, range of movement and functional range – all areas that Seniors need to live independently in their communities of choice. She also places a huge importance on education – and frequently arranges speakers on topics suiting her Participants’ interests, ranging from osteoporosis and arthritis management to back care.

Stockland Retirement Living’s support of COTA (WA)’s Active Ageing programs will help maintain these key services in 60 locations in Western Australia, as they continue to assist Seniors live their best lives in retirement.

For details on how to get involved in Living Longer Living Stronger, contact COTA (WA) on (08) 9472 0104. For details on COTA (WA)’s Active Ageing initiatives, click here.  For details on Stockland Retirement Living’s range of premium retirement living solutions, click the banner below.