1. Do you want an independent villa in a Residential Aged Care complex where there are also Low Level Care and High Level Care hostels? (if your partner requires more care, there is only a short stroll between you).
  2. Do you have an independent room (Low Care and/or High Care) – does it have a double bed; can your partner sleep over; can your partner move in should their needs increase; can you share the one room/the double bed; does the room have a window out to gardens?
  3. Are their activities away from the centre organised weekly, etc.?
  4. Can you walk out and about unsupervised?
  5. What are the rules of the establishment?
  6. Are there animals on the premises/ allowed on the premises?
  7. Are their intergenerational activities organised/ encouraged?
  8. What activities are available in common areas? (are there quiet hideaways when you want some quiet and privacy other than your room).
  9. Can your (elderly) friends get to your chosen premises easily? (many people have commented that they never got a visit from friends to the new home’s location due to it being inaccessible to them).
  10. Does the care facility actively seek residents’ involvement in planning/ activities?

From the My Aged Care website:

Which aged care home is right for me?

  • What training does the care staff have (are there registered nurses, enrolled nurses or trained carers)? How many staff provide care overnight?
  • What arrangements are there to ensure privacy for residents?
  • What are the meal arrangements – seating, times, menus, visitors, meals in your room and special diets?
  • Can the home meet your special needs (including language and culture, religious observances, pets and access to medical visits)?
  • How are social and cultural activities decided? Are residents’ interests taken into account?
  • What transport can you access for visiting shops family and friends?
  • How can family and friends be involved in care? Can they stay overnight if needed?
  • Can the home meet your medical needs such as assistance with medication, wound or catheter care?
  • Do you need services such as podiatry (foot care), physiotherapy (exercise, mobility, strength and balance), the services of a dietitian or speech therapy (communicating, swallowing or eating)?
  • What type of care services cannot be provided? How would you be advised of this?
  • http://www.myagedcare.gov.au/considering-aged-care-home/finding-aged-care-home

Five Steps to Entry into an Aged Care Home

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