The ACCC Scamwatch service has issued a notice that Australians need to be aware of regarding scammers posing as agents from the Australian Taxation Office or from the police. These scammers will make either threatening phone calls or emails regarding alleged unpaid taxation account. The scammers will allegedly ask for payment of this “debt” by unusual methods such as gift cards, Bitcoin, iTunes cards etc.

The ACCC state that the Australian Taxation Office will not make threatening contact with citizens in this manner nor will request payment but such unusual means.

The ACCC advise that if you receive such a contact, either immediately hang up the phone and/or delete the email. Do NOT continue contact with that contact. If you still feel concerned, ca;; the ATO on 1800 008 540 to check if it is authentic.

You can read further details on the ACCC’s ScamWatch website.