The ACCC has just released an alert on the activities of criminals and how they can steal your identity in order to steal your money.

Four in every 10 reports to Scam Watch in 2019 have involved attempts to gain personal information or the actual loss of victims inforation. This has resulting in victims losing at least $16million this year alone. This figure is considered just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the ways scammers use to attempt to steal your information are:

  • phishing emails and text messages – which impersonate banks and utilities seeking you login details,
  • fake online quizzes and surveys,
  • sourcing information about you from social media sites,
  • direct requests for scans of your drivers license or passport

Identity thieves can make victims lives a nightmare\, by changing your phone carrier, set up email redirection and clean out bank accounts. Lost personal information also makes victims more susceptible to future scamming.

The ACCC recommend that you be alert to the signs. If your phone loses coverage, you haven’t received correspondence that you were awaiting or you receive unexpected notifications from suppliers, utilities or debt collection agencies.

If you have your identity stolen, immediately inform your bank and utility companies. You can also contact IDCARE on 1300 432 273 who can guide you through the steps to reclaim your identity.

Please visit the ACCC’s Scam Watch site for more information.