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With almost a thousand registered mall walkers in WA, in the lead up to the pre-budget period and Senior’s Week, we asked them about what is going on in their lives. Here we present a sneak peek of some of the things we were told about volunteering, inclusion and a day in the life.

Over half of our responses told us that they volunteered their time in their local community.

“I volunteer to help other people learn new skills while making new friends.”

Out of all the responses just over half claimed that that they had a recent experience of age-discrimination, either in the workplace, shopping or when using services.

“I always feel invisible because of age. People seem to think because your old age your not interested in looking good particularly hairdressers. Also clothing stores. They will ask younger person can they help them but leave older person to just wonder around looking.”

Overwhelmingly, a good day for mall walkers involved getting out and about, meeting friends and family and enjoying their what their community had to offer.

“Being able to do things I enjoy doing. Gardening, going for short walks, catching up with friends for a cuppa. Staying healthy and enjoying the simple things in life.”