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The onset of Spring promises sunny days, warmer weather and the inclination to spend more time outdoors. To this end, the COTA (WA) team are gearing up for Have A Go Day in November as it gives us the opportunity to connect with the community and have some fun.

Connection and engagement with the community will always be the driver of COTA activities, not only in WA but right across Australia. At a recent meeting of all the COTAs it was encouraging to hear just how extensive and varied our engagement is. As an example, COTA’s national survey State of the Older Nation which was released earlier this year. Our survey showed that eighty percent of people over 50 felt younger than their actual age, with health being the top reason for quality of life. On the flip side, poor health was cited as the reason for low quality of life, followed by financial issues, stress and loneliness. You can read the report here….

In this edition of COTA Connections we are asking you take a WA specific survey to tell us about your experiences, whether it be about volunteering, looking for work, housing or age-discrimination. Your responses will assist us in the preparation of our Pre-budget submission, and will ensure that your voice is being heard. You can complete the survey here…

The advantage of staying physically active as we age is widely acknowledged however there is an increasing number of seniors in the community who live with depression, loneliness or social isolation and research is proving that this can be even more detrimental to your health than lack of exercise. Do you know someone who would enjoy a phone call, a letter or email or a social visit ?

Lets stay connected.