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Through our long history of involvement with policy on seniors housing affordability, security and homelessness, including “One Rent Increase from Disaster” – Older renters living on the edge in Western Australia, a core issue raised is that where programs and services exist to support seniors, they lack a central hub of consolidated and accessible information on who can help and where.

One solution raised is that of a ‘one-stop shop’ of housing advice and support services to help seniors navigate the complex system.

In support of this, we host an Aged Care System Navigator Service, while in our Seniors Week survey 2019, we also asked 451 people over 50 more broadly about accessing services and support for positive ageing.

A Central Hub of Positive Ageing and Support

“Life is good but I have to work at it.” – Care & Ageing Expo, 2019

Previously, we’ve had discussions with our supporters on their feelings of inclusion in their local community, which suggested that they faced barriers to accessing services, activities and resources for ageing well.

In the lead up to Seniors Week 2019, we asked about the ‘one-stop shop’ concept for positive ageing and its associated services and supports, including information on the full range of housing options available for seniors.

“I think it is a wonderful idea, to be able to talk to someone would be a great advantage as reading through all the literature can be very confusing.– Seniors Week Survey 2019 Online Respondent

“That would be very useful. People don’t think about help-services until they are needed. Then it’s generally urgent help and that’s not always easy to find answers.” – Have A Go Day, 2019

Almost 3 in 4 responses indicated that they would be likely to visit a central hub of seniors’ information, support and care services.

While face-to-face contact is important, especially for those who might be at a crisis point, many of our responses raised that an online and telephone service would help ensure that seniors living in regional WA don’t miss out entirely.

“Online is time and cost saving for those who are computer literate. We are a very big state and for seniors to travel to a physical one stop place is near impossible for some.” – Seniors Week Survey 2019 Online Respondent

From our positive engagement with older Australians, the one-stop shop concept is on the agenda and one avenue for a more integrated and age-friendly Western Australia into 2020 and beyond.