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From time to time we host prize draws and giveaways at COTA (WA). The process of determining a winner, or winners, should always be fair and transparent. The following will outline a common process we employ to choose an entry completely at random and select our winner.

When a prize draw is called, we usually receive a number of entries via our website, newsletter, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, email or on (08) 9472 0104, our office number. The first thing we do is collect each entry, and assign it a number. This number is a simple whole number, in the order that each entry was received. So if we received 100 entries, each entry would be assigned its own number from 1, for the first entry, all the way through to 100, for the last entry.

Next we use a random number generator, such as the integer generator at to generate as many numbers, that correspond to an individual entry, as we need to pick our winner(s). This is a similar process to pulling names out of a hat, or rolling dice, except these random number are even more random (as close as we can make it) because they are generated from atmospheric noise!

After that, we link up the number with the entry, and contact our lucky winner(s)!