Mentoring 2 Work is approaching two key milestones – all participants completing their journeys in the program and the closing out of its contract with the federal government through the Department of Social Services.

With all of the activity that reached its peak last year with young adults and mentors being recruited and commenced in M2W, it could be easy to forget that Mentoring 2 Work is one large research program that COTA WA have been contracted by the federal government to lead in conjunction with the University of WA’s Centre for Social Impact. The team at the Centre of Social Impact have been working since the trial phase of M2W to evaluate not only how M2W was developed and implemented but also its results and impacts for participating young adults and mentors.

The time has now come where we can reflect on the results M2W has achieved so we have updated our website to provide snapshots on:

  • Just what mentoring looks like in terms of the conversations our mentors had with their young adults and where they leant their support and guidance
  • Statistics to reflect how many jobs and courses of meaningful study have so far been commenced by young adults during their time in M2W
  • Acknowledgment of the numerous agencies who referred young adults to M2W
  • And quotes to reflect direct feedback given by mentors and young adults to convey the impact their M2W journey has had on them

We’ve also used this time in the program to produce a video that encapsulates the journey M2W has taken as told by stakeholders such as program team members, partnering organisations, mentors and most importantly young adults.

We invite you to view this condensed version of our documentary and follow it to for further information on outcomes and results as well as the full version of the documentary.

In these challenging times, it all serves as a timely reminder of the power of providing meaningful support and just what can come out of different generations connecting in the name of empowerment.

We would like to acknowledge our key partners in UWA Centre for Social Impact and United Way WA – both organisations have played pivotal roles for Mentoring 2 Work and we share our success and outcomes with them.

The Mentoring 2 Work team.

This is a short trailer, the full video is available at