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Many of our mall walkers and programs have kept up-to-date by going online using social media, zoom, skype, emails or even postcards to stay in touch. Recently, with the easing of restrictions, some of our COTA walkers have added outdoor walks in small groups to their routines again.

Celebrating the phased relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions, the Ocean Keys Mall Walking Group decided to take positive action and arranged for a small group of walkers to meet outdoors at Brampton Park in Butler.

They spent an amazing hour walking around the park in the fresh air and sunshine. After the walk they moved down the road to the seafront, for take away coffee and food. With an abundance of lawn, pavers and low walls around the place, it enabled everyone to observe social distancing whilst enjoying their coffee and chatting.

Over time, our mall walkers have become close friends who have supported each other during the Pandemic. The social and mental benefits of being together, sharing, laughing and chatting was uplifting for everyone.