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While Australia has managed to contain and control the Coronavirus in a relatively short period of time (compared to other countries), the road to recovery is likely to be a long and winding one.

The majority of seniors have faced this period of isolation with stoicism and a good dose of common sense, not withstanding the hardship of social distancing.

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing recently released the findings from a survey they conducted called Finding a Silver Lining and not surprisingly it noted that “older Australians see a silver lining to the pandemic despite the significant challenges” with more than half believing there have already been positive outcomes from the coronavirus outbreak. Further findings include:

  • 21% of older Australians have used a new technology for the first time and
  • 29% have increased their social media use to stay connected.

The survey findings are available here:

However, we also know that there are many of you (estimated to be over 50%) who are not connected or who are not active users of facebook, email, internet or mobile phone and we are exploring ways to increase our communication with you.

Recent media releases have announced two additional payments to seniors as well as the issue of debit cards to all seniors with a bank account. Unfortunately, we are already seeing scams on the increase so we encourage you to be vigilant. We have provided a link to a fact sheet from the Australian Banking Association here:

COTA WA is also working on an At Home guide in three different formats – a forty minute video, an online guide and a hard copy (printed) At Home guide. We hope to commence distribution in a couple of weeks and we will share the links through our website, facebook and newsletter. We will also advise how you can get a copy of the hard copy booklet.

COTA WA is the co-Chair of the State Government Seniors Taskforce (along with the Department of Communities) and represents seniors through its participation on many other committees and reference groups. We are ensuring that your concerns are heard and acted on.

This months newsletter has a heavy focus on COVID-19, however there are some lighter moments such as the Ocean Keys Mall Walking group finding an innovative way to stay active.

Stay healthy, active and safe.

Christine Allen, CEO