Each fortnight I meet (virtually) with the other COTA CEOs across Australia to discuss the current issues for seniors, share information and ideas, and obtain an update on matters of national importance. As you can imagine, the proceedings of the Aged Care Royal Commission have always been high on the agenda, and especially now as the final hearing draws to a conclusion. In the latest development in this process, Counsel Assisting has submitted 124 recommendations to the Commissioners for consideration. These include:

  • A new Aged Care Act based on human rights principles;
  • A new planning program for aged care which provides demand-driven access in place of the current rationed approach;
  • A new and independent process for setting aged care Quality Standards;
  • A new enforceable general duty of care on approved providers of aged care with penalties for failing to meet requirements;
  • Mandated staffing ratios in residential aged care;
  • Compulsory registration of personal care workers;
  • An independent pricing authority that will determine aged care prices matched to services; and
  • An independent Aged Care Commission that will be responsible for administering and regulating the aged care system.

We will continue to keep you updated on the outcomes of the Aged Care Royal Commission and how these will impact all of us when, and as we need, aged care services.

2020 Seniors Week will be held between Sunday 8-16 November and we are delighted to announce this year’s Award recipients in the following categories:

The Senior of the Year, Metropolitan: Sheena Edwards

The Senior of the Year, Regional: Sheila Twine

The Age Friendly Business: Gerald Burns Pharmacy in Bicton

The Age Friendly Local Government award: City of Albany

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Award recipients. For more details on the 2020 Award recipients: https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2020/11/WA-Seniors-Awards-winners-show-the-way-in-2020.aspx

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the 2020 Community Grants scheme is being delivered in a revised format that will see a number of events being hosted by some of our key sector organisations.

For a list of these events: https://www.cotawa.org.au/events/

Did you attend Have A Go Day this year? Thanks to all of you who came to see us at the COTA (WA) stand. It was a busy day, fortunately much cooler than last year, with many people stopping by to talk to us and find out about our programs and projects. Our newly released At Home and Goodbye Guides were extremely popular, rivalled only by our Mall Walkers who did us proud as they paraded under our new banner. https://www.cotawa.org.au/2020/11/have-a-go-day-2020/ In this edition we are also featuring one of our Mall Walkers Leaders, Kay Birtwistle.

If you didn’t manage to make it there on the day, you can still have your say for ageing well in 2021 in our survey: https://www.cotawa.org.au/2020/11/help-us-set-the-agenda-for-ageing-well-in-2021/

We are honoured and delighted to have Australian Senior of the Year, John Newnham, joining us for our Annual General Meeting on 10 December at The VisAbility Conference Centre Theatrette. John will share his considerable insights into the positive aspects of ageing. https://www.cotawa.org.au/2020/11/annual-general-meeting-2020/

As we head toward the festive season COTA (WA) is looking forward to hosting our volunteers at this year’s Volunteering WA Garden Party at Government House in December. It will be a fitting way to acknowledge and thank our seniors who play such an important role in supporting our activities throughout the year. We’ll share some photos with you in the next edition.

Stay safe and active.

Christine Allen, CEO