The March 2021 State General Election is fast approaching and the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) has been working to make voting more accessible for all Western Australian electors. A short video is attached here  Your vote matters – YouTube

For the March 2021 State General Election, this will feature two forms of Technology Assisted Voting that may be of benefit to your membership / customer base.  To be offered throughout the Early Voting period plus Election Day, the Commission will be offering:

  • Vote Assist, and
  • Telephone Assisted Voting

Vote Assist is a form of secret and unassisted voting offered to electors with disabilities and / or incapacities, particularly electors with vision impairment.  Vote Assist allows the elector to listen to an audio script (vote instructions and all candidate and party name details) using headphones.  The recording  of voting preferences is performed using a customised keypad.  The completed ballot is then printed (face down) in front of the elector, allowing the elector to then self-lodge the ballot papers into the ballot box.

Telephone Assisted Voting, offered for the first time in WA is a form of remote voting, allowing eligible electors to vote over the telephone in secret, ensuring elector anonymity.  A short video is attached here  Telephone assisted voting – YouTube