As the peak non-government seniors’ organisation in Western Australia, COTA WA is proud to represent the interests of seniors and seniors’ organisations. As part of COTA Australia, our national organisation, we participate in national policy discussions and make representations to the federal government.
Since 1959, COTA (WA) has been developing and strengthening the seniors sector’s capacity to assist all Western Australians by:

• Improving services by exchanging ideas, information, skills and resources
• Creating a strong, united and informed voice capable of advocating for all older Western Australians
• A continual consultation process with members, other professional organisations and the general public enables COTA WA to identify and address seniors’ issues within the community.

This is achieved by:

• Contributing to the development of policy
• Promoting the provision of services
• Raising awareness of seniors’ issues in the community
• Facilitating coordination and cooperation amongst seniors’ organisations agencies across the State

COTA WA provides government with feedback on policies and programs to ensure they are relevant to seniors, and offers an alternative avenue through which government can discuss seniors’ issues with service providers and consumers. We advocate the views of the sector by providing information and comment to the media and the public through media releases, regular newsletters and by making representatives available to speak at public forums.

For information on how your organisation can join more than 200 organisations working for seniors in WA, call COTA WA on 9472 0104 or email