If you would like to run a workshop in your council area, this resource is a complete guide on how to do it.

You can download each of the sections by clicking on the links below.

The resource kit contains a detailed session plan, examples of handouts, and pro-forma documents for easy replication.

To accompany the session plan there is a pro-forma PowerPoint slide show, and short video clips on preparing and delivering the workshop.

These video clips capture live action at workshops held in Singleton and Holroyd.

A summary report of the nine workshops held in 2012 is also included.

Download the full kit by using the links below.

Creating Age-Friendly Communities: A workshop resource for local government (PDF) Workshop PowerPoint Presentation template (PDF)
Man outline guide for archetypes exercise (PDF)
Woman outline guide for archetypes exercise (PDF)
Pro forma Generic Flyer in Word (DOCX)
Pro forma Generic Program in Word (DOCX)

Report on the outputs from workshop (in sections)

Workshop method (PDF)
Workshop outputs archetypes (PDF)
Every picture tells a story (PDF)
Community strategic plan outputs (PDF)
Commitments to action outputs (PDF)
Liveable Communities Project post workshop survey report (PDF)