Mentoring 2 Work (M2W) is a COTA Western Australia lead program that pairs young adult jobseekers with experienced industry mentors.

Participant Referrals

Mentoring 2 Work is incredibly grateful to all organisations that referred young adults. Their receptiveness and understanding of M2W gave us a solid platform to be able to promote directly to young adults with substance and clarity.

Bacause it was a voluntary program, it was very important that we give prospective young adult participants as much information as we could to suitably convey M2W’s uniqueness, tailored and supportive focus before commencement.

With the support of most of these organisations, we were able to do this by way of group presentations and one on one consultations.

Young Adults participating in the program have found the experience very positive:

Here’s what our Mentors comes had to say about their experience in the program:

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