The Australian Bankers Association (ABA) has released a fact sheet, giving advice on how to protect yourself against scammers and how your bank can help.

The ABA advise that no bank, government agency or other legitimate organisation will ever ask you to update your details by clicking a link. They also advise that if you receive a phone call from someone you don’t know asking for personal details, simply HANG UP.

Never open attachments from people or organisations you don’t know and ask for advise about offers that “sound too good to be true”.

If you are unsure about a letter, email or phone call you receive asking for personal information, it is strongly recommended that you contact the organisation direct. Do NOT use email addresses, web links or phone numbers provided in the communications you have received.

Further information can be found in the Australian Bankers Association fact sheet.

To keep up to date of what the latest scams are to protect youself, visit the ACCC’s ScamWatch website.

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