Working towards an equitable, just and inclusive society in which older people can flourish.

Starting life in 1959 as the Old People’s Welfare Council of Western Australia, the change to the Western Australian Council on the Ageing in 1968 also crystallised the founding principal of valuing the contribution and lived experience of older people and the advance the rights, needs and interests of older Western Australians. These principals and purpose shape the organisation to this day which is recognised as the voice for Older Australians.

In 2023, COTA WA members voted for COTA WA to become a company limited by guarantee, with the entity becoming a wholly owned entity of COTA Australia. COTA WA remains an entity in its own right, ensuring the needs of older West Australians is at the centre of our mission and purpose.  All funding, and surpluses, are retained in COTA WA to further the COTA WA mission and purpose.

Western Australia will be home to more than one million people aged 65 and over by 2050, a projected increase of 18% of the population at 2050 from 13% now. A disproportionate number live in the Peel and agricultural regions and these numbers are growing.

If you are interested in becoming a member, volunteering for COTA (WA), participating in our active ageing programs or attending a seminar, check out the rest of our website, Contact Us or call us on 08 9472 0104.