Media Statement: The Hon Don Punch MLA launched the COTA (WA) ‘Let’s Make It Legal’ Guide on the steps of Parliament House Tuesday 21 February 2023

Who has not been surprised and frustrated, by the legalities of something which seemed, on first encounter, to be relatively straight-forward?

It could have something to do with renting a house or apartment; your rights in dealing with a dispute in a retirement village; making sure a will is valid or not open to interpretation or making sure that your end-of-life-wishes are readily available should you become incapable of communicating them if required.

COTA (WA) is pleased to release our latest Guide to help people to untangle the intricacies of many issues which have already, or may confront them, as they continue their life’s journey. Prepared in consultation with Older People’s Rights Service, it complements our other successful published Guides, including the At Home Guide; The Goodbye Guide; Interruptions to Daily Living Guide, and Understanding the Mistreatment of Older People. Feedback from numerous sources has confirmed the need for this information and that it is significant to older people.

Print and downloadable version can be found on our website via: W: Let’ Make It Legal Guide Webpage

Some of the issues we deal with in this guide include housing and accommodation; loans from an institution, family violence; wills; enduring powers of attorney and guardianship; organ donation, as well as handy reference to legal resources available at low or no cost to older people.

The Guide has been formatted so it can be read in its entirety or just a particular section or issue of interest. Likewise, the online version is also easy to navigate to find a specific issue or topic.

Author and creator of the guides COTA (WA) Chief Policy Officer, Chris Jeffery said; “We believe that that the Guide will help people to navigate more easily some of the legal complexities of life as they grow older.”

Hard copies of the Guide are available directly from COTA (WA).

The full Media Statement can be found on the COTA (WA) website: Media Statement Launch New ‘Let’s Make It Legal’ Guide  

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