Creating an Age-friendly Communities Network in Western Australia

“On July 12th 2012, the Council on the Ageing (COTA), in partnership with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), the Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC) and the City of Melville (CoM) hosted a forum for local government officers…designed to explore the idea of establishing an ongoing Age-Friendly Communities Network (AFCN) to share information and ideas, and to provide a networking avenue for these people.”

For more, go to: Creating an Age-friendly Communities Network in Western Australia

Age-friendly WA Toolkit

This publication is based on the Vancouver Protocol, developed for the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities Project Ageing and Life Course Program, WHO and the research project undertaken in Melville for the WHO Age-Friendly Cities Project, a partnership between the City of Melville and the Department for Communities.

The City of Melville took part in WHO’s AFC project to increase awareness of local needs and gaps and to identify improvements to make their city more age-friendly. The AFC approach adopted a locally-driven and bottom-up approach that started with the experience of older people regarding what is, and what is not, age-friendly, and what could be done to improve their community’s age-friendliness.

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Age-Friendly Cities and Community Resources

The Age-Friendly cities and community resources page on the ACT Government Community Services website contains a list of links to useful resources from cities and states across Australia as well as internationally.

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Age-friendly Collective Examination of Local Government Research Reports

This paper summarises the methodology, outcomes and key findings from the Age-Friendly Communities funding program delivered by the Department for Communities that underwrote research projects in 27 local government areas between 2006 and 2011. The paper is presented as a ‘collective examination’ of the most recent reports provided by 23 of these local governments.

For more, go to: Age-friendly Collective Examination of Local Government Research Reports

Global Age-friendly Cities Guide

Informed by WHO’s approach to active ageing, the purpose of this Guide is to engage cities to become more age-friendly so as to tap the potential that older people represent for humanity.

For more, go to: Global Age-friendly Cities Guide

A workshop resource for local government

If you would like to run a workshop in your council area, this resource is a complete guide on how to do it. You can download each of the sections by clicking on the links below. The resource kit contains a detailed session plan, examples of handouts, and pro-forma documents for easy replication. To accompany the session plan there is a pro-forma PowerPoint slide show, and short video clips on preparing and delivering the workshop. These video clips capture live action at workshops held in Singleton and Holroyd. A summary report of the nine workshops held in 2012 is also included.

Download the full kit by using the links below:

Report on the outputs from workshop (in sections):