Translation to Western Australia Kriol ‘The Sorry Time’ Guide of the COTA (WA) The Goodbye Guide.

COTA (WA) acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country. We pay our respects to their Elders both past and present and acknowledge that the land on which we live and work, is and always will be, Aboriginal land.

When emlast time ubala bin habem talk gutta ur family or love one bout sorry business?

Em scary thinkinabout what em might happen lunga mibala whenem finish time, but milbala gutta doem important things so dem lut know whatem gunna happen.

Dijarn Guide gunna make lillbit easy lunga family to deal gutta mibala sorry business.

The Council on the Ageing (WA) Ee guttem dijarn call The Sorry Time Guide. Em helpem but ubala to plan what em gunna happen when ubla time to go, an keepem but allda paperwork lunga one spot, dijay allda family can findem but allobit when em time.

Dijarn Sorry Time Guide can helpem but ubala talk lunga family blah thadarn when ubala time to go, and muddy helpm ubala unfinished business. Ee guttem paper copy and thadarn online.

Mibala hope ubala findem dijarn Sorry Time Guide to be good one.

Download WA Kriol ‘The Sorry Time Guide’ [PDF]

Hard copies of the Guide are available directly from COTA (WA).

Print and downloadable version can be found on our website: