COTA (WA) translations of the Understanding the Mistreatment of Oder People Guide to Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish and Italian.

You may not know it, but there is a great deal of support available in WA for older people and their loved ones who are experiencing mistreatment commonly referred to as elder abuse.

Understanding the Mistreatment of Older People, draws together in one easily-accessible resource, all the help you will need in identifying different kinds of abuse, common reasons for its occurrence and how victims and potential victims and their families may help to prevent it. It also includes comprehensive details of where to go for help and support, depending on the circumstances of the mistreatment.

COTA (WA) Chief Policy Office, Chris Jeffery, says that the major reason for the Guide is to provide one ‘go-to’ guide for anyone who is seeking help on this very complex issue. He comments: “Although there are many organisations around who can provide help and support, it is often really difficult to find where to go or who to approach in a particular situation. This Guide draws all of this information together.”

He adds that it was a difficult task to write it in a way that provided the information that was required, while at the same time, not alarming people unnecessarily, or overwhelming them with too much information so that the purpose of the Guide would be defeated. “We think we have the right balance,” he comments.

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