COTA (WA) translations of the Goodbye Guide to Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian and Greek

Council on the Ageing Western Australia [COTA (WA)] has designed this guide to be a helpful tool in planning and collating important documents and information and critically, ensuring that your executor or loved ones are able to locate them at the right time.

The guide can be used by anyone and can even be used as a conversation starter.

When was the last time you talked to your spouse, family or loved ones about end of life?

While it is a subject that most people are uncomfortable with, it is important for everyone to consider what decisions need to be made and what wishes they would like fulfilled in the event of their passing.

Providing your family or loved ones with this information during periods of trauma or grief can ease the burden, while ensuring that your wishes are being carried out.

We recommend you seek independent legal advice if you have any concerns about the issues discussed in this guide and when committing to a legal contract.

What does ‘getting your affairs in order’ actually mean? Well, simply, it means making sure you know where all your important documents are and ideally putting them in one safe place and making arrangements to deal with any unfinished plans about your life, including your finances and your wishes.

In essence, it involves making sure the right people know your plans, where to find everything and any important information that will make things easier for your loved ones when you’re not there to tell them. Make sure several people you trust know where to find the instructions you have written down and the location of your important documents.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to provide a summary and overview. It does not constitute legal advice. It is important to understand every individual situation is different and some parts of this Guide may not apply to everyone.

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