Strength for Life™ requires an initial assessment and referral from a GP. This allows our program to cater to a participants medical needs, guide the provider and access health plan and rebates.

Depending on the patients’ health conditions and ability, a GP can refer patients to an appropriate tier provider:

Tier One providers are exercise physiologists or physiotherapists who have the skills and experience to deal with those participants who have chronic conditions or are in need of rehabilitation services.

  • Tier 1 providers may be referred to a health care plan, and participants may be able to claim from their private health cover.
  • Tier 2 providers are professional fitness instructors who are equipped to deal with those participants with minor health conditions.

Access the medical and GP referral forms

Instructions for Patient Referral Direct to a Provider:

  1. Print the Referral form and complete for the patient
  2. Provide the patient with an Exercise Readiness Assessment and a Provider List to complete before their first assessment with the provider
  3. Encourage the patient to contact their preferred SFL™ provider to begin classes.