Strength for Life™ requires a referral from a GP and then an initial assessment through an approved Strength for Life Provider. This allows our program to cater to a participants medical needs, guide the provider and access health plan and rebates.

Depending on the patients’ health conditions and ability, a GP can refer patients to an appropriate tier provider:

  • Tier 1 providers may be referred to a health care plan, and participants may be able to claim from their private health cover. Tier One providers are exercise physiologists or physiotherapists who have the skills and experience to deal with those participants who have chronic conditions or are in need of rehabilitation services.
  • Tier 2 providers are professional fitness instructors who are equipped to deal with those participants with minor health conditions.

Access the medical and GP referral forms

Instructions for Patient Referral Direct to a Provider:

  1. Print the Referral form and complete for the patient
  2. Provide the patient with an Exercise Readiness Assessment and a Provider List to complete before their first assessment with the provider
  3. Advise the patient to contact their nearest provider SFL Provider List and take the referral form with them at their initial assessment.  Please do not fax these referrals to Council on the Ageing WA or Strength for Life Program Manager..